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Scarlett Wines 2019 Spring Wines

Three Savory Scarlett Wine & Food Pairings

We’re divulging some of our favorite pairings for spring and summer!

We’re all foodies here at Scarlett Wines, and one of our favorite warm-weather activities is barbequing and cooking flavor-filled recipes with family and friends – with the perfect wine pairings, of course! Warm, lively days leading into cool, cozy nights on the porch are the perfect excuse to make three of our favorite dishes with some pairings you might not have thought of before.

Scarlett Sauvignon Blanc and oystersSauvignon Blanc + Oysters

White wine and oysters are a classic – you won’t find a wine and food pairing more widely known than this. When we think of spring and summer, this is one of our favorite go-tos, which is why we couldn’t resist including it on our list! Crisp, clean white wines are a fantastic way to bring out the subtle complexity of freshly shucked oysters.

Wines with harsh tannins don’t pair well with oysters, so our 2017 Sauvignon Blanc is a lovely, lean, mineral-driven choice. This varietal brings intense, flinty terroir to the mix, while the acidity helps cut through the saltiness of the oysters to provide a smooth finish.

In the glass, our Sauvignon Blanc shows a vibrant blonde color that greets the eye and palate with finesse and a powerful creamy texture while still retaining a brisk level of acidity. The finish offers honeyed accents, succulent pear, and apricot flavors that flow into a finish that is elegant, approachable, and refined.

Unlike many Sauvignon Blancs, ours is aged in 20% stainless steel and 80% French oak, 10% of that French oak being new. This sets ours apart from the more typical stainless steel-driven white wines, making it the perfect complement to this spring and summertime classic!

Scarlett Rosé and paella

Rosé + Seafood Paella

Rosé might not be a wine that immediately comes to mind when you hear “seafood paella,” but due to its delicate variety of flavors, this dish requires a light, fresh wine that won’t dominate its aromas.

Many reds may be too tannic for seafood paella, but Rosé has enough oomph that it won’t get lost in the flavors or overpower your meal. Saffron-infused dishes such as this scream for a gorgeous, dry Rosé (be sure to avoid a sweeter, fruit-forward Rosé!), which makes this meal and our 2018 Scarlett Rosé a match made in heaven.

This Rosé of Grenache has a bright, playful salmon color with vivid notes of strawberry and sweet honeysuckle on the nose. Notes of blood orange and raspberry intermingle with a voluptuous mouthfeel, flavors of wild peach, and hints of lavender.

Delicate and intriguing on the finish, it has a nice balance of acidity while keeping the wine in check. This wine is a beautiful sunny day sipper, as well as a wonderful companion to a summertime version of this hearty classic.

Zinfandel + Chicken Sausage

Scarlett Zinfandel and chicken sausage

Cooking up sausages is a fun way to shake it up from the typical hot dog routine. Try this mouthwatering dish of roasted chicken sausage with brussels sprouts, fennel, and potatoes.

Chicken sausages are leaner and don’t have as much fat as other sausage options. This is a meat that’s important to pair with the same textures and flavors as the wine, so we love our 2017 Scarlett Zinfandel with this recipe. This grape varietal has moderate tannins and high acidity, which makes it a bold yet quintessential choice.

Our Zinfandel has dark, opulent ruby hues, with red fruit, licorice root, and brambleberry on the nose. The mid-palate is loaded with mixed dark fruits, spice case, and root beer.

Because Zinfandel tends to explode with candied fruit followed by spice and an often smoky finish, this pairing works well because of the structure of the grape itself. The tannin won’t overpower the flavors, and the pepperiness will complement the sausage beautifully.

What we love most about the marriage of wine and food is that the opportunities are truly endless. While there are certainly classic pairings out there, there are fewer rules about ‘correct’ pairings and it’s always fun to get creative!

If you’re inclined to experiment or simply want to savor a Scarlett wine on its own, we just released three new spring wines we know you’ll love. We welcome you to share your favorite wine and food pairing in the comments section below. We’re always looking for new inspiration!

Bon appétit!

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