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Close up of Rosé and strawberry cheesecake bites

Love Bites & Scarlett Wines Pairings

What’s better than a sweet treat around Valentine’s Day (or any day of the week!)? We’re excited to share three of our favorite Love Bites by Carnie desserts paired to perfection with Scarlett wines. These combinations are a fun treat for Valentine’s Day, a unique experience for you and your Galentines, or simply to enjoy year-round! 


1) Scarlett Rosé and Strawberry Cheesecake 

Close up of Rosé bottle and plate of four strawberry cheesecake bites

First on our list is one of our most unique pairings – the combination of Carnie’s Strawberry Cheesecake Bites and Scarlett Rosé. The fun part about this combo is the dessert has hints of almond, so not only does the Rosé complement the strawberry but it cuts through the nuttiness as well. This Love Bite boasts a delectable dark chocolate crust that rounds it out and balances the sweetness. We can’t help but love the cheerful pink topping of this dessert, too!



2) Scarlett Sauvignon Blanc and Lemon Cake Bite

Close up of Sauvignon Blanc bottle and lemon cake bites

Next up is a more classic duo – a savory Lemon Cake Bite and our Scarlett Sauvignon Blanc. This is a cake bite jammed with lemony love and filled with flavor. You would never know it’s gluten-free! The Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect contrast to the lemon, while a hint of the Semillion varietal we add to this wine helps bring forth subtle melon characteristics that partner beautifully with the zest in the cake bite. This combo makes for a mouthwatering bite each time!



3) Scarlett Cabernet Sauvignon and Marshmallow Créme Brownie 

Close up of Cabernet Sauvignon and marshmallow brownie bites

This Marshmallow Creme Brownie is rich, decadent, and – bonus – gluten-free! Filled with marshmallow creme and dipped in a dark chocolate ganache, it’s the perfect companion to our classic Scarlett Cabernet Sauvignon. While most people assume chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon pair together no matter if it’s milk or dark, think again! Cab actually pairs best with dark chocolate which is why this match is so perfect. With piping of marshmallow inside taking this bite to the next level, it’s a savory option for all you chocolate lovers out there.


No matter if your preferred dessert profile is sweet, tangy, or decadent, Love Bites has the perfect option for your next date night, dinner party, or a cozy night-in. They’re so easy to pop on a plate and pair with your favorite Scarlett wine and good company. Cheers to the sweet life!