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Mattie Cooper

What makes Scarlett Wines special?
It’s a true passion and we have fun with every aspect!  We take great pride in creating something beautiful from our packaging to the wines inside yet we want to be approachable for a wide variety of wine drinkers.


What are three of your favorite hobbies?
-Anything to do with horses
-Watching my kids play sports (if you can call that a hobby lol)

Where were you raised? If not locally, how did you find yourself in the Bay Area?
I am fifth generation in the East Bay, about an hour south of Napa Valley.  My great- great grandfather bought property and farmed and raised cattle. In fact I grew up in the original homestead that was built in the 1867.  My family still operates the cattle business today.


When and how did you get into wine? With Scarlett Wines, specifically?
2006, was thrown in quite unexpectedly!  Sherratt received a call from the family that there was fruit not sold that harvest, the next day we picked and then processed at Hall Winery.  We bulked out the majority of the wine but kept about 15 barrels and that is how Scarlett Wines was born.


Who has been your biggest inspiration in the wine industry?
I don’t really have one, but my biggest inspiration in life in general is probably my dad.  He had immeasurable work ethic, a heart of gold and was quite possibly the most positive person I have ever met.  I hope to be as amazing as he was!


Where have you worked before Scarlett?
Start up tech company was my first job out of college.  Strangely enough founded by John Truchard whom I would come to work with again in the wine industry.  Then went into high tech PR, then Marketing and business development for the Oakland Raiders then to work for the McGah Family.    


What is your favorite varietal? To drink?
My favorite varietal in general is Pinot Noir, currently loving Willamette!  My favorite Scarlett varietal is probably the Rose or the Petit Verdot. I’m not a big white wine drinker so when I’m looking for something a little lighter the Scarlett Rose is perfect!  It’s dry provincial style makes it a great option, not too sweet or acidic! The Petit Verdot on the other hand is quite the opposite, big, dark and mysterious- this was a fun project to see through from planting to eventually bottling on its own.  It’s really amazing to see how as the vineyard block matures the wines mature and get better and better each year as well.


Favorite food and wine pairing?
BBQ ribs and the Zinfandel!  Or a medium rare filet or rib eye and our Cab!


What has been your best day working at Scarlett Wines so far? What made it your favorite Scarlett Wines memory?
Anytime I hear great stories about how our wines are involved in people’s lives.  We’ve had people that have had our wines on their first date that got married, have had clients pour our wines at their children’s weddings and my favorite is all of our clients that buy the wines to store for their newborns named “Scarlett”.  It’s really fun to see how we are a part of these people’s personal lives and what our brand means to them. I just love it!

Any other fun facts we should know about you?
As a child I was involved in 4-H and raised pigs every year. Showed horses throughout my life and was top 10 in the nation as a youth competitor.