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Sherratt Reicher

What makes Scarlett Wines special?
Scarlett is my daughters name so it has special meaning for me there and it is a business my grandfather started when he bought the vineyards in 1990 so it’s great to carry on his legacy and continue to honor him.    

What are three of your favorite hobbies?
Traveling drinking and eating  And I love fishing!

Where were you raised? If not locally, how did you find yourself in the Bay Area?
I was born in Napa and grew up in LA.  Moved back to the Bay Area in 1995 to work for the Oakland Raiders and have been here since.

When and how did you get into wine? With Scarlett Wines, specifically?
My family has owned the vineyards since 1990 so we have been in the business since then.  We got into winemaking in 2006 when we found ourselves with a surplus of fruit that had not been sold.  That year Scarlett Wines was born with a Cabernet.

Who has been your biggest inspiration in the wine industry?
My Grandfather, Ed McGah is my biggest inspiration.  He taught me everything I know in my life, how to be a good man – respect, manners, chivalry, tough love and so much more!

Where have you worked before Scarlett?
Oakland Raiders and managing the family businesses.

What is your favorite varietal? To drink?
My favorite varietal is Titos Vodka lol, I love the Scarlett Cab and the Petit Verdot.  Or the Rose on a sunny day.

Favorite food and wine pairing?
Bone in filet at Prime in Las Vegas with a decanted bottle of Scarlett Cab!

What has been your best day working at Scarlett Wines so far? What made it your favorite Scarlett Wines memory?
Anytime I can get out and visit accounts or make trips to work with our national partners is the best day!  I love meeting new people, trying new restaurants and I always love the positive feedback we get when tasting people on our wines!

Any other fun facts we should know about you?
Football is my passion and I played college football and Rugby.  I’ve been on 7 safari’s throughout my life.  I have 6 Oakland Raider Super Bowl rings (from my Great Grandfather, Grandfather, and my own).