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Mike Smith

Mike Smith is an award-winning winemaker who started his career in 2001. Traveling from Portland, Oregon, Mike worked each crush “free of charge” to learn his craft. Following his third harvest, Mike accepted a full-time assistant position from one of the Napa Valley’s most notable winemakers and moved his family to St. Helena. During this tenure, Mike worked with a vast array of wine labels including Maybach Family, Tamber Bey and Rivers Marie. It was during this period that he developed his own philosophies on winemaking, based on the strong foundation he built while working with these established labels.

Mike’s innate talent and purist methods have truly made him one of Napa Valley’s superstar winemakers. From the vineyards to the bottle, his hands-on approach and passion for wine are evident in the luxurious portfolio of wines he creates for Scarlett Wines. Mike also makes wine under his own label, Myriad Cellars.

“Great wine is made from 100% the winemaker, 100% the vineyard and 100% Mother Nature's mood during harvest”
— Mike Smith